Dear All,

I thank you for the Honour to represent the Security Companies that are in The Hong Kong Security Association as the elected Chairman for the coming term.

I will commit to growth of the membership and also to professional training for the staff in the companies belonging to the Association.  Professionalism of the industry has to be a continued goal of the Association, which has been one of the values the association has encouraged our companies to achieve, leading firstly with the train the trainers courses many years ahead of the training companies now in place to service our industry.

The association will need to develop more professional courses as the ITAC evolves so that we can be seen to be leading the training standards while also giving opportunities to our members to send staff to better themselves and also the professional Standards of their respective companies.

The issue of minimum wage and how this can be better measured is still in the fore front for our members and along with this the new ordinances and changes like number of working hours with also the changes to Hong Kong competition laws.

I will before the next Excom set these goals out for being a regular agenda item… and understand how we can measure success, to show to members that the Excom has achieved  targets for itself in the tenure period.

I thank you all again for the Honour to be the Chairman and working with you and the members to let Hong Kong know that we do care about our staff and also the continued Security and Safety of Hong Kong citizens.

The Hong Kong Security Association