30th Anniversary

The HKSA celebrates is 30th Anniversary in 2014 more details on events, publications and seminars to be announced soon.

Manpower demand and issues are affecting nearly every industry in Hong Kong. The government wants to see construction projects started and completed so salaries are increasing in this sector; the end user pays principle applies and the end users are the government and tax payers. In construction the salary portion accounts for some 35-40% of the overall cost.

This doesn’t translate into many sectors of the security industry including government works where fixed price contracts don’t allow providers to increase charge rates to offset increased salary demands. So the companies suffer, especially as salaries account for 80-85% of the security costs this becomes a huge burden on Security Companies.

Standard working hours

The government bodies are reviewing “standard working hours” for Hong Kong. Whist understanding the fundamentals for such a requirement the Security Industry will be significantly affected.

Minimum wage

The Hong Kong Government consultation period is open – New hourly minimum wages expected from 1st May 2015