Letter to The Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development

Appeal for Allocation of free 900,000 RAT Kits for Front-line Security Guards

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(updated on Mar., 2022)

Letter to The Financial Secretary

Anti-epidemic Support Scheme for Environmental Hygiene and Security Staff in Property Management Sector under the sixth round of Anti-epidemic Fund

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(updated on Mar., 2022)

Guidelines for Recording Visitors’ ID Numbers

Practical guidelines for recording visitors’ ID numbers by security personnel from Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (PCPD).  

  • For security reasons, a security staff needs to monitor entry of visitors.  The recording of the visitor’s HKID Card number by the security staff at the entrance of the building is allowed.
  • The security staff should, wherever practicable, give the visitor the option to adopt other less privacy-intrusive alternatives than providing his HKID Card number, such as identification of the visitor by the flat occupant concerned, accepting his staff card or work permit as proof of his identity.
  • The security staff should ensure that the previous entries in the visitor’s log book are concealed from visitors.
  • The personal data recorded in the log book should be deleted as soon as practicable once the purpose of collection is fulfilled.
  •  It is recommended that entries in the log book should be deleted regularly and should not be retained over one month if no incident of security concern arises.

The above information is useful reference to the security personnel.

(updated on Oct., 2021)

Hong Kong Security Personnel Day 2021

Hong Kong Security Personnel Day 2021

(updated on July, 2021)

Minimum wage

The Hong Kong Government consultation period is open – New hourly minimum wages expected from 1st May 2015

Standard working hours

The government bodies are reviewing “standard working hours” for Hong Kong. Whist understanding the fundamentals for such a requirement the Security Industry will be significantly affected.