An open application to all Type 4 MembersObjective
To provide HKSA Type 4 Members a distinctive display to the public and customers to assure excellent services and standards. This plaque guarantees best product and services to provide added confidence to the public, in addition to stating you are a Member of The HKSA.

The ‘Q’ Mark
This is proof of commitment by ‘Q’ Mark holders to provide:

  • Authentic and brand new security products to all customers
  • These products conform to international standards and in compliance to local legal specifications
  • Superior and comprehensive customer services
  • Fully customer-oriented after sales services

The ‘Q’ Mark criterion and requirement
To be awarded the ‘Q’ Mark, you must satisfy three or more of the following:

  • HKSA Member and a member of the Type 4 Category
  • Be able to furnish a management commitment statement on product quality
  • Official distributorship of/or designated agent for the products on sale
  • A management statement to guarantee fully devoted customer-oriented after-sales service
  • Reference and/or recommendation letters from customers/users
  • Award record(s), commendation certificates, etc.
  • All products conform to international standards and in compliance to local legal specifications
  • Quality management systems (e.g. ISO 9001)

How to join
Type 4 Members who wish to be awarded the ‘Q’ Mark must apply by completing the application form which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below and send it back with copies of documents by post to The HKSA.


Download File

Your application will be vetted by a ‘Q’ Mark panel which comprising of the Type 4 Chairman, one Type 4 Sub-Committee Member and one Executive Committee Member (who is not a Type 4 Member).

If your application is accepted, you will be awarded the distinctive HKSA ‘Q’ Mark crystal plaque and will be yours to display at your office reception or shop front. We also encourage you to use the HKSA ‘Q’ Mark on all of your company’s marketing materials.Promotion
HKSA will announce the ‘Q’ Mark launch with an introduction of what the ‘Q’ Mark means through appropriate media and will also be promoted in Security Asia from time to time.

If approved by the Executive Committee, a separate page will be set for the ‘Q’ mark awardees in the HKSA website with a link to the Member’s own website.Fee
Each ‘Q’ Mark holder has to pay $500 for set-up cost and subsequent administrative expense.

The ‘Q’ Mark is renewable every year unless revoked. Renewal fee will be $100 per year.

To have the honour to be awarded the HKSA ‘Q’ mark increases your competitiveness – make your application now!

Current ‘Q’ Mark Awards for 2019-2020 (expires on 1 July, 2020)

  • Signal Communications Ltd
  • The Jardine Engineering Corporation Ltd
  • Lik On Security Ltd
  • G4S Security Systems(Hong Kong) Ltd
  • Shun Hing JVC Ltd
  • ASC (HK) Ltd
  • Chubb Hong Kong Ltd
  • MaCAPS International Ltd
  • Interconic Engineering Co. Ltd
  • Ensec Solutions Hong Kong Ltd
  • Welfare Electronic Component Ltd